Bulletproof Boozing

A good friend of mine sent me this drinking chart made by Dave Asprey. It ranks different types of alcohol and its effect on your body from best to worst, or in Dave’s words: bulletproof to toxic. The chart is interesting on an informational level. It’s good for anyone that takes their health seriously. There’s a good description of each type of alcohol and its apparent negative effects. I’m surprised to see that red wine is the 2nd most toxic alcohol, especially when its health benefits are touted by the scientific community. Dave’s measuring stick was how much the alcohol was filtered. Therefore under this measuring stick vodka definitely wins and beer loses. It’s not the most scientific method but I guess it’s a good rule of thumb. But again common sense should prevail. The chart suggests that I should drink a sugary dirty Smirnoff Ice before a beer or a good glass of red wine. That will never happen. I have a hard time believe that drinking 12 Smirnoff Ice will make me feel better than drinking twelve beers. But I guess I will never find out because there’s never going to be an oz of Smirnoff Ice.

Bulletproof Alcohol Infographic

I’m sure a lot of people are shocked with tequila getting third place. Tequila has a terrible reputation. Tequila, like any other alcohol, is terrible for you when you drink massive amount of it. Everyone has a story. Tequila is easily linked to that 3 am shooter your “friend” called that made you puke all night. However, tequila the alcohol is not the issue; it’s how we drink it that’s the cause behind the bad reputation and the puking. I love tequila but I don’t drink it in shooter form anymore. In Latin America, tequila is savor after dinner. There’s no salt shaker, no lemon, and loud banging on the table. It’s not a macho man drink, but simply a nice drink to enjoy. The American culture is responsible for that tradition. I’m not sure why we linked lemon and salt to tequila but not to other shooters. Do this: Buy a high quality bottle of 100% blue agave tequila. It should be clear, not golden (caramel looking color is added to make it look more prestigious). Approach high-end tequila like you would treat a nice single-malt scotch. Have a nice tequila drink in a relax state and your perception will change.

First, I appreciate Dave for trying to make everyone healthier, if that’s his real honest motive. Second, I would take everything he said with a grain of salt. He has been debunked many times and has been labeled a modern day snake oil salesman. He’s not a scientist or a doctor. Certain claims about specific products have not been evaluated. He’s known for the moldy coffee claim that caught fire on the Internet and his answer with the bulletproof coffee. I like bulletproof coffee and I make my own, but there’s no mold on my coffee. I don’t think his a bad guy. He’s right on certain subject, and wrong on others. But at the end of the day, keep in mind that he’s pushing his products and looking after his own self-interest. I will let you simply google him to let you form your own conclusion.

In his post he mentions five steps to hack your hangover. Again it’s one of those things that falls under the “bro science” category. There’s some true to his claim but it’s not the golden ticket as he seem to suggest. Regarding hangovers, we all heard the stories about drinking plenty of water, the electrolytes, the vitamin C or B and other stuff. The true is that there’s no secret formula to cure hangovers. There’s none. Scientists have hardly scratched the surface on how the brain works. So far they have linked alcohol to causing symptoms behind a small migraine. A migraine is an inflammation of the tissue surrounding the brain. And one of the best way to attack the side effects of a migraine such as headache and nausea among others, is to take ibuprofen (Advil). Disappointingly, ibuprofen and plenty of water is the best cure to fight a hangover. (I also heard that ibuprofen cause increase the risk of stomach bleeding, so what do I know.) Dave’s cocktail of vitamins and steps is a rehash of old ideas.


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