Alcohol and Traveling – Possibly the best travel tip ever | Awesome Loophole

The Economist Gulliver Business travel blog offer their best travelling tip ever. The credits goes to the Atlantic’s James Fallows. You can thank him.

As someone that enjoys a drink as much or more than the next guy (and is also frugalish), the fluids rules for flying were a huge bummer for me because it was my practice for morning flights to build myself a nice big bloody mary in a disposable bottle for consumption as I passed my way through the security apparatus and inevitable downtime before the flight. Rather a good deal compared to the pathetic offerings for top dollar otherwise available to travelers. Which brings me to my travel tip: Minis (the tiny little liquor bottles) happen to fit into your TSA quart sized baggie and are perfectly legal to take through security. A bottle of OJ on the far side of the line and you’re in screwdriver heaven. Although, please be discrete as the US still has insane open container laws. Which brings me to my story: Not long after I figured out this loophole, I tossed my baggie full of minis in the x-ray bin and the TSA screener looked at them and gave me a broad grin and said, “Now there’s a man ‘at knows how to fly.” To which I could only grin and nod in agreement.

The article goes on:

Now, since America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) hates fun and merriment and America’s airlines probably don’t want you bringing your own drinks on board when you could be buying from them, it’s important to be discreet about this travel tip. Don’t bring 20 minis on the plane, get drunk, try to open the door mid-flight, and ruin it for everyone else. As they say in the adverts, please drink responsibly.

*In some countries, it’s more strict. Under Canadian law, the aircraft operator must provide the alcohol, in addition to serving it. You cannot provide your own for on-board consumption. In the US you can’t self serve. You have to give the bottle to a flight attendant and she will serve it to you. You probably won’t have any problems as long you are discrete.

The Last Greeting Card Ever – (Funny video)

Doomsday predictors have a 0% success rate. Here is the last greeting card ever I got from a friend. Funny and great work.

Dec. 21, 2012: Fearful ‘end of world’ callers flood NASA

This is a straight repost and follow up to my first piece on the end of the world.

Repost from The LA Times
By Kate Mahter

If there’s one government agency really looking forward to Dec. 22, it’s NASA.

The space agency said it has been flooded with calls and emails from people asking about the purported end of the world — which, as the doomsday myth goes, is apparently set to take place on Dec. 21, 2012.

The myth might have originated with the Mayan calendar, but in the age of the Internet and social media, it proliferated online, raising questions and concerns among hundreds of people around the world who have turned to NASA for answers.

Dwayne Brown, an agency spokesman, said NASA typically receives about 90 calls or emails per week containing questions from people. In recent weeks, he said, that number has skyrocketed — from 200 to 300 people are contacting NASA per day to ask about the end of the world.

“Who’s the first agency you would call?” he said. “You’re going to call NASA.” Continue reading “Dec. 21, 2012: Fearful ‘end of world’ callers flood NASA”

Q&A with Mark Mobius: Frontier markets in 2013

This is a repost from our
Mark Mobius
Reposted from the Dow Jones Financial News
By David Thomas

The executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group spoke to Financial News about the prospects for frontier market investing in 2013, and shared his advice for aspiring fund managers.

FN talked with Mobius, regarded as one of the foremost emerging markets investors after a career of more than 40 years, during his latest visit to Africa. Mobius discussed his visit to Egypt, currently undergoing a stormy political transition which has sparked investor unease, and the wider growth narrative in the region. Continue reading “Q&A with Mark Mobius: Frontier markets in 2013”

Annual Highlights Politics & Business 2012

You will find The Economist annual business & politics review.

Reposted Highlights from The Economist online’s The world this year

» Apple became the most valuable company ever (in nominal terms), beating the record that Microsoft hit in December 1999. Apple’s share price peaked at $705 before entering bear territory and falling by 25%, to $510; at the start of 2012 it had been $410.

» The most eagerly awaited IPO in years was deemed a flop. Facebook’s shares soon sagged from the price of $38 set on its stockmarket debut; three months later they were under $18 (they have since risen). Critics said Facebook had set the price too high; still, the IPO raised $16 billion for the company and its early backers. Continue reading “Annual Highlights Politics & Business 2012”

For: Entrepreneurs | Venture Capitalist Interview with Bill Gurley (Great video)

Here is an interview with Bill Gurley and Om Malik.

Bill Gurley has been in the game for a very long time. He’s knows well know in the venture capital sphere. Watch these videos. There’s a lot to learn in these videos. The guy is clear, precise, and very informative. I like the way his brain work and how he express his thoughts. A must watch.

Follow him on his blog: abovethecrowd
Twitter: @Bgurley

Here is the full version:

Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital (full version)
Well respected VC, Bill Gurley, talks about what it takes to be in venture and the role of venture in today’s tech world.

Continue reading “For: Entrepreneurs | Venture Capitalist Interview with Bill Gurley (Great video)”

MicroCapClub Interview with Harris Kupperman CEO of Mongolia Growth Group

Here is a very interesting interview by Ian Cassel from the MicroCapClub with Harris Kupperman. It’s about 20 minutes. The interview is very down to earth and Ian asks some very good questions. If you want to know more about investing overseas you will learn a lot with this basic short interview.


Reposted from MicroCapClub
By Ian Cassel

I met Harris while we were both visiting a junior mining company back in 2006. He has gone from whiz kid trader, to successful hedge fund manager, to CEO of Mongolian Growth Group all before the age of 30. A bulk of his wealth has been made in microcaps. As the CEO of Mongolia Growth Group (MNGGF) he takes no salary, he has no stock options, the stock he owns he purchased with $3.5 million of his own money so shareholders know his interests are 100% aligned with them. Continue reading “MicroCapClub Interview with Harris Kupperman CEO of Mongolia Growth Group”

The Big Escape Picture

Another picture from escape the city newsletter.

Photo by: Matthew Trinetti
Quote by: Albert Einstein


Motivation Pictures to Get Your Week Started (Arnold & RGIII)

Last solid week before Christmas. Here are two pics to body slam this week and to plow through everything.


Arnold Motivation


TED – Geoffrey West: The surprising math of cities and corporations (Video)

Brilliant, scary, freaky, interesting, mind awakening, great discussion start-up. That video certainly gets your mind out of the comfort zone.

This is a TED video with Physicist Geoffrey West talking about cities, networks, and growth curves. I’m the furthest thing away from a rocket scientist, so this video is user-friendly, you can watch it.