John Bogle Quote

“We must work to establish a “fiduciary society”, where manager/agents entrusted with managing other people’s money are required… place front and center the interests of the owners they are duty-bound to serve. The focus needs to be on long-term investments (rather than short-term speculation), appropriate due diligence in security selection, and ensuring that corporations are run in the interest of their owners.”

John Bogle
Founder & Former CEO of The Vanguard Group

The Optimist – Frackling

Photo Credits: Political cartoonist John Cole’s “The Optimist” cartoon illustrates the oil & gas industry’s skewed conception of its fracking practices and the impacts to drinking water.

Picture take from 10Q Detective

Fracking Technologies

Rob Ford – (Funny Cartoons & Stories)

I’m not from Toronto but this show is really fun. Any piece of news coming out of city hall is pure entertainment. Already a very colorful and controversial figure, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford took this to new heights. The crack video story and drug dealing past is only snowballing by the day. And the guy is latching for the ride. The more he hangs on, the better the story gets. You kind don’t want it to stop. I put together a couple links of the main links and a few cartoons floating around on the net. If you follow Ontario/Canada current events, you will get it.

Rob Ford Crackstarter: 200k for the video.

Gawker’s original story by John Cook

Globe investigation: The Ford family’s history with drug dealing

Toronto police spoke to Mayor Ford’s senior staffer after tip linked killing to alleged drug video

Rob Ford: ‘There’s no video,’ reporters are ‘a bunch of maggots’

Updates 5/28/2013
Toronto Star: Rob Ford crack scandal: Other man pictured with mayor hurt in fatal shooting

Globe and Mail: Margeret Wentes – Fords against the maggots

Updatea 5/29/2013
Toronto Star: Rob Ford’s former staffers’ emails, telephone records ordered destroyed: sources
Toronto Star: Rob Ford video scandal: Mayor Ford said he knew where video was, sources say
Toronto Sun: 2nd arrest in Anthony Smith murder man tied to alleged Rob Ford crack video


Ford 6 Continue reading “Rob Ford – (Funny Cartoons & Stories)”

Hugh Langis Illustration

Today, Saturday May 25th, is the day your calendar is probably reminding you that it’s Hugh Langis birthday. As you already know, he’s the best artist in the world. No need to repeat it. Feel free to visit his masterpieces at

Follow him on Twitter: @HughLangis
Check out his branding & creative company: Half Hunter

Disclosure: Hugh Langis is my real life brother. My opinion is totally bias and right. It’s in my best interest and his. You should be bias too.

Here are some samples:

Denis Villeneuve's Oscar nominated film, Incendies Cover for The Stranger
Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar nominated film, Incendies Cover for The Stranger
War of Plunder
War of Plunder


Our Peculiar Domestic Institutions

20 years before the Civil War, a polemical abolitionist cartoon depicts the South as a pit of vice infested with drunkenness, violence, cockfighting, gambling, dueling and lynching.

Is there where Quentin Tarantino got his inspiration “Django Unchained”?

‘Our Peculiar Domestic Institutions’
Our Peculiar Domestic Institution

Photo Credits: The Granger Collection, NYC

Eric Holder the Sloth

Photo Credit: Brian Langis
Credit: Brian Langis

CAUTION – Buried Oil Pipeline

Caution Buried Pipeline

I wonder what kind of royalties their lawyers negotiated for letting the pipeline over/under their property?

Their’s an oil bonanza in eastern Africa. Revenues could lift millions out of poverty. On paper the people in the picture are richer than me. In reality, they might need better lawyers.

Photo Credits: The Economist / Panos

Voice of the Fan – Video

Video played prior to the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates taking the field.

This was from a larger article from the Atlantic. Free feel to check it out, it a nice a article about the team and the city of Pittsburgh. Here is my favorite video of the bunch. In it, an actor walks around Pittsburgh, speaking to the pride the Pirates provide the city.

The other video that I like:
Pittsburgh Pirates Late Night TV Show Lineups

A memo to the world’s dictators – Subject: Asset protection and regime change

Der Diktator-Screening in Koeln
Reposted from The Economist

From: Mirkwood Capital To: High-net-worth rulers

“IT IS bad enough to be kicked out of power by an ungrateful mob or a jumped-up colonel. Imagine, though, that after years of public service you and the presidential family are condemned not just to exile in fun-loving Saudi Arabia but also to penury. Unfortunately, the latest reports (see article) are all too true: do-gooding lawyers, interfering officials and vengeful successors pose a growing threat to your savings.

The good news is that we at Mirkwood are here to help. We recognise your hard work as “chief executive” of a benighted nation, the tough decisions you had to take to deal with mendacious critics, the threats you faced from treacherous underlings. Did Bill Gates ever put his life on the line the way you did when you shot your brother? Did Jack Welch have to fill out the ballot papers for tens of millions of illiterate tribesmen? You deserve a decent “retirement fund” in return for your sacrifices. And here is our four-point guide to keeping it safe. Continue reading “A memo to the world’s dictators – Subject: Asset protection and regime change”