Warren Buffett’s 1950s Articles

Last Monday I published a post on Warren Buffett’s letter in Barron’s in 1962. I was wondering if it was Buffett’s earliest public appearance. David Shahrestani from the blog Wiser Daily,  found earlier. He posted a link in the comments that led 4 articles published in The Commercial and Financial Chronicle by Warren Buffett during the 1950s.

The articles are in the PDF below.

Here’s the original link on Dropbox provided by David: Dropbox (PDF)

Warren Buffett 1950s Articles (PDF)

Warren Buffett 1950s Article.JPG

Here are the four stocks that Warren recommended back in the 50s.

1951: GEICO, which is now a big holding in Berkshire Hathaway. 100%+ gained following the publication of the article. Even though it was up 100%, he still though it was cheap.

1953: Western Insurance Securities. Was trading at less than 2x earnings and at 55% book value. He liked it because it was cheap.

1957: Home Protective Co. I couldn’t find anything on what happened to it.

1957: Oil and Gas Property Management. I couldn’t find anything on it either but I didn’t search very hard.




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