Financial Sources

After a small break from blogging, I’m back for 2021. I’ve plenty of material to write about. It’s more a question of getting to it.

The pandemic is a mixed blessing. The good: I’m at home with my wife and two young kids (two and six years old). It’s great to spend time together. I’m there for all the little moments. Life goes by fast. The bad: I’m home with my wife and kids. It’s hard to get anything done. Small children are the equivalent of having a F1 tornado in your house. But when you have to get something done you do it.

I recently had a conversation with a friend which form the basis for this post. He’s getting into investing and wants to know where I get my financial news. It’s a good question. Great investment ideas are hard to come by. You would have think that with the Internet it would have been easy to stay informed. But just like current event, it’s a mess. The links below are a mix of free and pay resources (pay-wall or metered). Each source has its pros and cons. There are diverse platforms and website with their own nice and approach. Also the order below is totally random.

  1. Seeking Alpha
    • It’s one of the better platform. I’m an occasional contributor. There are news and financial analysis. It’s strength is covering under-followed companies. Part of the website is free and some you have to pay for. The format often change.
    • Be careful: I suggest you find and follow good authors. There are great authors that does great research. Their track record speaks for itself. Like anything else there’s a lot of junk out there and Seeking Alpha is not immune. Not every idea is a barnburner. You need to filter and do you own research.
  2. Barron’s ,WSJ, Bloomberg news, Financial Times: Good financial news and investment analysis. You have to pay and they often have promotion.
  3. The Economist: One of the better publication left. Not pure financial news but it offer deep analysis of the weekly news and world issues.
  4. Value Investor Club (VIC): This one has been around for a while. It was co-founded by Joel Greenblatt. You explore the idea section with a delay. It’s a “club”. You have to propose a good idea to be included. But like I said, you have access to the idea section and analysis.
  5. SumZero: It’s a professional community of investors. Facebook meets Seeking Alpha meets LinkedIn. The members are vetted to make sure they are professional.
  6. Koyfin: Good financial platform. I like it and I only been using it for the past year. There’s constant updates. It’s positing itself as a Bloomberg killer. I’m using it for free right now. Let’s see.
  7. Morningstar: I have the full version with my broker. They have good data and ten-year numbers. They have good articles too.
  8. Twitter: Twitter can be a savage place. It’s wild. But you choose who to follow and a well curated list of people to follow can be a great source of ideas and discussion. I don’t want to give names because there’s no end. You need to pick a genre and explore. Lets say you are into real estate investing, well you can find a decent list of people that have high level discussions. A whole post could be dedicated to this and I’m sure a quick Google search will bring fruitful results.
  9. Yahoo Finance: After all these years, it’s still a go to for quick stock prices and portfolio. But the news section is brutal. Their stats and numbers are ok but very often you have to calculate them yourself because they are often off.


  • Reddit, Podcasts, Blogs, Substacks, Newsletters, WhatsApp/Slack/Discord groups

Blog posts could be written about the suggestions right above. Again, just like Twitter above, you need to find a topic or sub-genre and start exploring. Some are free. Some you have to pay. Just like anything else, if you put the time and work into it, you can build a pretty good system for news, information, and great investing ideas.

Happy 2021

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