No Cash Left Behind

From the Onion.

*Please look up what The Onion is before sending me emails or commenting.

Greed is Good...


2 thoughts on “No Cash Left Behind

  1. Excerpted from:

    “It had been almost two months since Morejon (Alberto Morejon, 25-year-old social studies teacher and baseball coach at Stillwater Junior High in Stillwater, Oklahoma) watched news coverage of teachers in West Virginia, who hadn’t had a raise since 2014, as they embarked on a nearly two-week long strike that forced the state’s Republican Legislature to approve a 5-percent salary boost. Teacher salaries in Oklahoma, as Morejon knew well, were not much better than West Virginia — both states have been ranked among the five worst in the nation.

    That was a week ago and the teachers are still at it. The demands have shifted away from a bigger raise and toward more funding to alleviate deep education cuts over the years. Teachers have decided that they would rather risk a public backlash than settle for outdated textbooks, dilapidated classrooms and four-day weeks in nearly a fifth of Oklahoma’s school districts. Morejon’s Facebook group now has more than 76,000 members—some 34,000 more people than there are teachers in the state, a strong indication the Oklahoma strike is having a strong influence on restive and underpaid teachers in other Republican-leaning states like Kentucky and Arizona, where tax-cutting legislators have throttled education budgets over the past decade.”

    Et cetera. I went to the trouble to post the above, out of a deep conviction that anyone who would utilize those asinine cartoons to frame the teachers’ issues as you have must be a complete, total jerk.

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