A letter from President H.W. Bush to President Clinton, a Class Act

I found this picture floating on Tweeter. It’s a letter from President H.W. Bush to then President-elect Bill Clinton on the day of his inauguration. It’s too good I had to post it. So much class and elegance has been lost since then. Hard to imagine such a letter today from Obama to let’s say Trump. Or Trump to a potential successor. Since its foundation, the transfer of power in a peaceful manner, and respecting the results of the election, has been one of the of the United-States cherished principles. Respecting the outcome of elections even if your candidate isn’t the winner is one of the foundational principle of democracy.

Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of a possibly unfair outcome is dangerous talk. It questions the legitimacy of democracy. It undermines the electoral process. If people question the legitimacy of an election just because it’s won by someone they disagree with, there’s little hope of bridging ideological differences and striking the compromises that are an essential part of governing a divided country.





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