Final Presidential Debate

*Post-debate update: Chris Wallace delivered a solid performance.

The third and last presidential debate tonight at 9pm ET. If you don’t have cable Youtube usually has a live feed.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has the prestigious assignment of moderating the election’s final debate and he also faces tremendous pressure to hold Clinton and Trump accountable. Will Wallace call out the nominee if they make false claims? Will he keep the candidates in check if they cut away from the question? It will be interesting to see how Wallace deals with the candidates. Trump has trashed the previous moderators for being bias. Will Trump say the same about Wallace? Since August Trump only gives interviews to Fox News, his allies. Trump has been bombarded by bad news, by sticking to Fox News he mostly avoids difficult questions about the daily controversies that plague his campaign. Wallace worked for Roger Ailes, the former king at Fox News, for two decades. Now Ailes with one of Trump’s advisor. Lets just hope that Wallace is tough on both candidates.

Below are four videos. Two funny ones from previous debates and two of Chris Wallace is owned by Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart.

If you are familiar with the show Arrested Development, you will love the following video. Arrested Development is one of the most underrated TV ever created.


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