Honorable Mention on theScore

My tweet on the Dion Phaneuf trade got picked up by theScore (SCR) at Social media stunned as Maple Leafs trade Phaneuf to Senators by Bryan Mcwilliam.

Why? I have no clue. It’s not even that good of a tweet. I didn’t even know that my Tweet got picked up. I was on Bleacher Report reading up on the latest sports news during lunch and there you go, out of pure randomness.  It didn’t show up in my notifications either. I don’t know who Bryan Mcwilliam.  I’m squish between a bunch of verified accounts, like the mayor of Toronto (not Rob Ford anymore) and several sports new anchor. When I tweeted Dion Phaneuf was already mentioned 15k times. So again, I have no clue why my tweet is up there. Now it makes me wonder if I have other tweets that were picked up by news organization that I’m not aware of.



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