iTunes Terms and Conditions In Graphics!

Itunes 1Apple has a reputation for putting a lot of thoughts in their products to make it the best and as consumer friendly as possible. Everything from the original iMac that came out in 1998. That was the cute transparent computer with a colored handle that took the industry and consumers by storm. This probably doesn’t mean a lot today to the readers, but it was a big deal by then. It just needed one wire to operate (just plug it in) as opposed to the PC that required tons of wires to run. One for the mouse, one for the keyboard, speakers, power etc…Then Apple came out the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad and other innovative products. All Apple products are very well regarded by their users.

However, there’s one thing that Apple does that really annoys their consumers and it’s that frustrating iTunes terms and conditions update that you need to agree to every other week. Once in a while Apple randomly hits you with a nice 40 something pages legal document for you to “read” and agree to (you have the option to have it emailed to you…) I’m not sure what happens if you disagree/decline their terms. I never did because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to use my iPad. It’s written by an army of lawyers and it’s really unreadable. Actually that’s a lie because I never read it, so maybe it’s not boring. Am I suppose to send this to my lawyer for him to read? The whole thing is so ridiculous that South Park even made an episode out of it.

Anyway, looks like I’m not alone with that feeling and some people took matters in their own hands. Cartoonist R. Sikoryak published a page by page graphic novel of the terms and conditions featuring Steve Jobs. Definitely not a small task. It seems that each page is dedicated to a real comic artist, which some of them you will recognize from your youth. I really recommend that you go check it out at this tumblr page, iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel.

I added some of their art pieces. All credits to them. Here are the samples:

Page 1
Page 1
Page 20
Page 20
itune 4
Page 43

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