Preview on Valener

Excerpt from my Valener update to be released soon:

How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young? ~Paul Sweeney

People and investors are not patient and they are less and less as time goes by. We are in a society that seeks immediate gratification. We want it done now. We want action and we want our investments to make Jim Cramer scream buy buy buy. Investors want to hear companies say they will deliver the moon. It doesn’t matter if sexy company X doesn’t deliver on those sky-high promises because investors already moved on to the next saveur du jour.

Valener is a different kind of company. Valener is a company that’s very patient and that doesn’t fit in today society. VNR is a company that you buy and forget for many years. Meanwhile you get four cheques a year that increase annually. Valener is a turtle, a company that develops slowly but well over time, either organically or through acquisitions. Valener is a company that gets better with time.

Valener and Jim Cramer are not a good fit:


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