Every Country’s Most Popular Beer

You are planning a trip around the world, don’t forget your beer guide. Thanks to Vinepair for putting together this really cool useful map. The ranking is base on market share. Usually a country has one of two main beers, also the country unofficial symbol.

Regarding Canada, I don’t have the official stats in front of me but I’m pretty sure Coors Light and Molson Canadian sell more than Budweiser. Maybe ten years Budweiser was the king of beer in Canada and I believe their market share has shrunk since. If Budweiser is the #1 beer in Canada, then it’s pretty sad that a foreign company is the highest selling beer. Usually a country has its own beer and is proud of it. When you go to a new country, you ask for the “beer”. On the other hand, there’s a lot of excellent craft beer gaining ground and popularity. Great stuff!

Beer World Map


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