Alex Rodriguez + Jerry Jones

The Education of Alex Rodriguez

I just read this massive piece on Alex Rodriguez written by J.R. Moehringer in the March issue of ESPN magazine . That’s the same J.R. that collaborated on the excellent Andre Agassi biography. The article is a mini biography of Arod. J.R. spent 6 months and over 100 hours with Alex Rodriguez. He got to see a side of him that none of us were exposed too. He’s probably among the most hated player in professional sport and this article probably won’t change that. But you will get to know the person you hate better and maybe you will find a spot in your heart to give him a 4th chance. Great piece.

Jerry JonesWhile I was at it ESPN suggested that I read the Jerry Jones story, Jerry Football by Don Van Natta Jr.  I couldn’t sleep so I got that one done too. Another great suggestion. Jerry Jones loves his whisky (Johnny Walker Blue to be precise), looks like we have that in common. You get a feeling that he’s drinking throughout the article and I almost pour myself a cheaper blend at 2am. Again this is one of those mini biography on one of sport’s largest profile. I’m not a Dallas Cowboys fan but I admire the guy. Plus he built one of the best stadium in all of sports.


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