Greenland is turning Green and that’s not good

By far the most depressing thing I have seen in a long time. This is a post on global warming when it’s -25°C here in Canada. Vice News’ Shane Smith travels to Greenland to investigate why the glaciers are melting, and how the resulting rise in sea level will devastate our world sooner than expected. It was aired on HBO last month and it’s pure depression. In this case depression is synonymous with also the scariest thing I have seen in a long time.

The melting glacier and global warming. It’s hard to explain the magnitude of the problem until you see it. It’s weird that something with major global catastrophic consequence doesn’t really get any attention. There’s no urgency to address the problem. It’s like “oh I know, global warming, that’s really bad, so what are the Kardashians up to?” There’s something about global warming that doesn’t grab you emotionally. It’s like telling you for the 400th time that cigarettes will make your lungs go black and you will die from cancer. You know it’s true but you ain’t quitting. Why? There’s no emotional reaction. That’s why I recommend watching this little news clip, it’s educational and it hits the emotional button on global warming.

Oh, and if that’s not depressing enough the 2nd part of the show focus on Pakistan, where millions of men, women, and children work as bonded laborers in brick kilns. It makes a sweatshop factory looked like a dream job.

Happy Friday!!!


Photo Credits: Google Images


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