2014 year-end data for all North American stocks and indexes (Best and Worst)

The indexes are provided by the Globe and Mail. It even includes currencies and commodities.

I took the time to filter through them and made a table of the worst and best performing indexes. The point of the exercise is to find potential opportunities in the trash. Very often an index/asset/stock has been beat down too much. There’s likely a good valid reason why they are down but the key is to find the ones (assets) that are mispriced by the market. An asset can be mispriced for many reasons such as over-negative sentiments, temporary problems, misunderstood story, lack of attention etc… And within the trash some companies will disappear while others that are high quality with a solid balance sheet should weather the storm and bounce back. The key is to focus on the later ones. This requires plenty of research and patience.

Below are the data table provided by the Globe. Morningstar also provides up-to-date index performance over many years, included foreign indexes.

Here is the list of the top five and worst indexes of 2014.
Toronto Stock Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
American Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Stock Market
New York Stock Exchange

Top Performing Indexes 2014

Worst Performing Indexes 2014


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