Transforming Darden Restaurants

You might have noticed that the original website with the Starboard Value LP presentation is down or non-existent.

Below you can find the 294 slides super presentation below.

Starboard-Value-13D-On-Darden-Restaurants (132mb)

Below are some highlights from Starboard’s Transformation Plan:
Transformation Plan
Starboard’s Transformation Plan includes:
comprehensive, company-wide operational improvements (slides 90-158);
a turnaround plan for Olive Garden (slides 159-216);
a value enhancing strategy for Darden’s real estate assets (slides 217-229);
a separation of Darden’s restaurant concepts into the most logical groupings (slides 230-236); and
a franchising program designed to accelerate growth and improve returns on capital (slide 237-258).
Starboard has identified specific opportunities to increase annual EBITDA by $215-$326 million and believes that these quantifiable EBITDA improvements alone will create approximately $15-26 per share in value (slides 9, 91, 156).



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