Tim Hortons – Burger King Update

tim horton cupIt’s been pretty quiet since Burger King dropped the bomb that they were acquiring Tim Hortons. It still looks like business as usual (crazy line ups) at Tim Hortons after the emotional outrage. I guess people move on to other things pretty quickly or they simply can’t let go the coffee.

I did a a brief analysis on the deal where you can read on Seeking Alpha.

Not much as happened since then but Burger King-Tim Hortons has a website up uniquely for the purpose of providing information on the transaction. You can have the access to the latest info here:


Information provided by Tim Hortons is posted on the SEDAR website. Information provided by BK is provided on the SEC website.

The S-4 form (form in an event of a merger) was filed on September 16, 2014 by New Red Canada Partnership and 1011773 B.C. Unlimited Liability Company. Below is the S-4 direct link:


Or you can search the SEC website by using New Red Canada Partnership or CIK#: 0001618755 to see all the filing.

What’s next? Burger King needs to find the financing and Tim Hortons shareholders need to approve the deal. If things goes without a hitch, BK-Thi are working to complete the transactions before the end of 2014. I’m pretty sure the Canadian government need to approve the deal too.

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