Iraq’s Oil Fields and Pipelines

Everywhere there’s conflict there seems to be pipelines. A while back I posted a map of the Russian pipelines going through Ukraine and then to Europe.

Now according to the map, the oil refineries and pipelines seems to be safe. I would also assume the ones controlled by the Kurds in the North to be out of the conflict zone. Everything in the middle seems to be a mess.

Iraq's Oil Fields and Pipelines

I turned to Reddit to better under the conflict. Click here for my thread and nd my question:

I’m really trying to understand this latest Iraqi conflict. So I’m turning to the Reddit community for help. The last I heard is that Iraq asked the U.S. for help to take out the rebel group ISIL. ISIL is a Sunni muslim group and is also one of the group trying to topple Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. ISIL apparently got kicked out of Al Qaeda because they were too extreme.

Now here is the confusing part. The U.S. were also trying to get rid of President Bashar al-Assad and in the process were arming and supporting the rebels’ cause. In Syria ISIL are considering freedom fighters. In Iraq they are considered terrorists/militants. So is the U.S./Iraq about to bomb the same group that wants Assad out?

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