USA Olympics Hockey Jersey Beer Cans

Great marketing and a great idea by former Canadian brewer Labatt. I believe the first picture was disclosed on CBS Sports. I’m not American and Labatt Blue is terrible beer, but because the cans are so cool I would buy this 6 pack and drink it. The cans are decorated with former US hockey jerseys. It brings out Olympic spirit. I certainly hope Labatt comes out with a Canadian edition. However I’m not sure how Labatt “Blue” would handle having “Red” cans. Molson Canadian would be the perfect brand to model their cans to former hockey jerseys but they might run into legal problems with Labatt. Therefore I’m not too sure we will a Canadian edition. Too bad because they are so sweet looking.

Beer and hockey are like best friends. (So does beer and many sports, beer has a lot of best friends.)


Photo Credit: CBS Sports and Labatt

This 2nd set of pics is provided by and





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