There is always someone who will do it cheaper

*Update: If you like the pic below, you might also like this pic: Client Expectation vs Client Budget Picture

A friend of mine in the industry had this picture posted on his LinkedIn profile. I personally can relate a lot to this story. I have been on both side on this story. I have been the guy that paid bargain prices for what I believed at the time was a steal but it turned out that I was dead wrong. I was also that guy that offered a better service at a more expensive rate but got turned down because of cheaper prices somewhere else only to have the client run back at me to fix the problem. There’s a lot of truth in the picture. Unless your service or product is a commodity (identical product/service), price rules the day. But if you propose a valued-added proposition, you usually get what you paid for. Cheaper


5 thoughts on “There is always someone who will do it cheaper

  1. I’d like to use the image of the tattoo artist “someone can do it cheaper”, but I want permission first. Is it yours? I’d like to send it to a few clients, just for fun. Thanks, Randy

    1. Hi Randy,
      Thank you for asking. It’s not my intellectual property. It’s a meme that’s floating around online. There’s no author on it. Credits goes to “Google Images” and to everyone that shares it I guess.



  2. Thank you. I love the picture. It says so well what you try and tell the customer but they do not want to understand.

    1. This picture hits home for a lot of people. Like I mentioned in the post, I have been on both side of the fence. It really depends what you are offering your customers. If it’s a commodity type product/service, well it’s hard to raise prices because the competition offers the same exact thing. But if you actually offer a value added proposition (e.g. superior quality, service, experience etc…), than higher prices = higher value.
      Thank you for commenting.

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