The Known Universe

The Known Universe by AMNH

A 6 minute mind blowing video about us and our relation to the universe. There’s no lack of universe/space videos out there but this one takes a different approach. The video starts on Earth and zooms out in space forever and comes back to Earth. The planets and galaxies are apparently up to scale. How am I going to check that? Either way it’s pretty impressive. It definitely resets your mental boundaries.

The video is produced by the American Museum of Natural History.

The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world’s most complete four-dimensional map of the universe, the Digital Universe Atlas that is maintained and updated by astrophysicists at the American Museum of Natural History. The new film, created by the Museum, is part of an exhibition, Visions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe, at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan through May 2010.


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