Eat Like A Caveman With The Paleo Diet (Reblog)

My Super Bowl infographic piece got reblog by Love Infographics. I found this infographic on the Paleo diet. Coincidentally it’s an actual diet that I’m about to try. Also known as the ‘caveman diet”, the point is to stick to natural stuff and to eliminate process food. Learn more with this great infographic.

Love Infographics

The Paleo Diet infographic from shows readers what it would take to eat like a caveman!

For those of you who keep asking yourself, “is there a diet that is right for me?”There are hundreds of diets to pick and choose from. One popular diet is Paleo. Below is Paleo in a nutshell.

The paleo diet, sometimes referred to the caveman diet is based on the diet of ancient humans. Getting nutrients from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, and fish, this diet helps you achieve a healthy and nutritious diet. This infographic helps you understand why the paelo diet is healthy, what foods to eat and avoid, and how it works. Give it a try and see if this diet is right for you.


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