2013 MLB Payroll

According to Yahoo! Sports, MLB payroll is expected to surpass $3 billion thanks to the Dodgers, the Jays, and the Nats. The Dodgers will possibly have the highest payroll in the league, going from $95 million to $213 million. The credits probably goes to the new ownership. Here is a table of the payroll of 2012 and 2013.

MLB Payroll

2 thoughts on “2013 MLB Payroll

  1. […] Last year the league broke the $3 billion line for the first time. No surprise here, the estimated 2014 league payroll is up approximately 4%. For the 2nd year in a row, the LA Dodgers lead the league with the highest payroll with $216 million (slightly down from last year). This year the Miami Marlins have the lowest payroll with $42 million. They took the title away from the Houston Astros who almost doubled their payroll this year, exploding from $25 million a year to a shocking $48 million. Regarding teams with a winning record, the Oakland A’s and the Tampa Rays are the teams that are able to scrap together the cheapest win (cost per win). […]

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