Facebook artist millionnaire David Choe Interview on Howard Stern (Video)

Voilà an over the top interview with David Choe by Howard Stern. It’s very raw, very honest, and it’s not for the sensitive hears. If you are familiar with Howard Stern’s interviews then you know what to expect.

Why am I suggesting this weird video? David Choe might not be the ideal image of a role model but beneath all the garbage talk and jokes, there are some life lessons in it. The medias are addicted to his story. If you managed to listen to the whole thing, the central message is to pursue what you like doing no matter what. Do what you like. Pursue your passions. Have fun doing it. Money is secondary, it will be a result of your hard work and dedications. Live everyday like it could be your last. Seriously. It’s the only life you got. When are you ever going to be happy? Might as well be it now.

Who is David Choe?
You might have heard bits and pieces here and there. David Choe is the artist that turned down $60k for FB shares when FB was in its start-up stage. Looks like a no-brainer today, but back then FB was nothing but a crazy idea (Myspace was king). David couldn’t even get a FB account because it was only for college students. He didn’t think it was going to make it either but he was friend with Sean Parker (Napster guy) and knew that he was smart with a track record of making money with crazy ideas. He followed his gambler instinct. Now his FB shares are estimated to be worth between $140-$200 million. Nice call David. But he is more than just the traditional artists. He life story is just as crazy.



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