According to NASA the World Won’t End On Dec. 21st (Video – Pre-released)

NASA is pretty confident that the world won’t end on December 21st. They even pre-released a video 10 days early that was supposed to come out on the 22nd.

According to the video the threats to end the world won’t be coming from outside. Forget the crashing asteroid, the sun blowing up, or another planet colliding with us. What about an alien invasion? NASA didn’t comment on that.

So if the threat from outside are nul, then the danger must be from inside. What do we have to watch out for:
Natural disasters, global warming, a nuke war, an all-out economic crash, World-War III, a zombie outbreak, a coffee drought….and if any of those doesn’t get the job done, the Americans have a back up with the fiscal cliff set for Dec. 31st.

NASA is so sure the world won’t come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, that they already released a video for the day after. More questions about December 21, 2012?


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