Pic: Original Dow vs Today’s Dow

Makes you think a bit. Only one company is left from the original index.

Dow Original

Dow now


2 thoughts on “Pic: Original Dow vs Today’s Dow

  1. Exon and Chevron were part of Standard Oil before it was broken up. At that time DuPont which was not on the list did own big stakes in GM and Standard Oil. I think 25% and 50% respectively.

    I see many companies on the 1928 list that are still around today under different names, I am a surprised many of them are no longer on the Dow30, or maybe they are…

    1. Yeah I agree. Mergers and acquisitions or bankruptcy. It’s crazy that Dupont owned that much equity in GM and Standard. I wonder what happened to my shares in the American Cans Company lol? I actually googled the company and guess what they became…..Primerica! The financial services company. It was a division they spun off and I think Citi actually owned it for a while. You can learn a lot about business history going through these companies.

      I’m looking at the names on the current list and it’s hard to imagine any of them not on the list in 15 years. I can see H-P getting kicked out if they don’t turn things around and an Amazon/Google/Apple taking the spot or a GM comeback. GM is back at being the #1 car manufacturer in the world according to Forbes.

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