NFL Logos Rebranding

A little background:
The Buffalo Bills were named after Buffalo Bill Cody. Bill Cody earned his nickname by killing 4,280 buffalo in 8 months. Knowing that, I always thought it was funny that the Bills used a live buffalo as their logo and mascot. Wouldn’t a buffalo skull make a bit more sense?

My brother found this link from Fast Company’s Co.Design.
The rest of the logos at the bottom of the blog.

The logos are from designer Matt Mcinerney. He hasn’t completed all the teams yet but he is on the right track. You can find the full original article here. By the way the logos are unofficial and fake. Here is Matt’s podcast, On The Grid Here is the project page with more logos.

My favorite clip from the article. A statement that I agree with 200%.

The best sports logos, he says, are ones that are “simple, unique, and have the potential to be timeless.” One example he gave me is the logo for the since-renamed hockey team, the Hartford Whalers. The logo comprises a green “W” and a blue whale’s tail–clever but nothing too memorable. But McInerney pointed out something I had never noticed: a Hartford “H” in the mark’s negative space. That touch gives it a “new level of ownability,” the designer says, and it proves how visually efficient some of these existing logos really are.

Yes, a logo has to be simple. So simple that a 5 year old fan can draw it on his notebook at school. That should be the ultimate test.



Rebranded NFL Logos by Matt Mcinerney (fake, unofficial but awesome)


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