Windows 8 is here

Today is a big day for Microsoft. A sort of “Do or Die” day. In an effort to stay relevant the former monopoly is releasing its latest version of their Windows series. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s big push into the mobile/tablet world. The strategy: One OS for all the devices. The goal is to have the same OS on the PC, mobile, tablet, Xbox etc…

It’s weird to see Microsoft as the underdog in this race which is being lead by Apple and Google’s Android system, the OS you can find on the Samsung smartphones. I wouldn’t count out RIM’s blackberry either. Yes the former smartphone king is in survival mode but there’s still an increase in users every month and they have some of the most respected premium technology. A new Blackberry is expected in early 2013. MSFT will try to muscle their way in. They have the cash, the resources, the marketing, the technology and the clout to make it happen. The only thing missing are customers. The OS is a hybrid system, it comes with a touch screen and the good old point and click. A Microsoft made tablet, the Surface, is being launched. Steve Ballmer, the CEO, is planning on selling the tablet for $500. He claims that it’s the only tablet on the market that you can work with. A smartphone too in the product line.

Let the war begin!

Here is a video of Steve Ballmer about Windows 8 and the Surface.
Microsoft's New Look: Windows 8


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