Apple and Their Surprise Bag – “The Biggest Product Launch in the History”

Tomorrow on September 12th Apple is set to make another major announcement. Apple loves those. They are great to build up hype and the secrecy of the event certainly gets media and people’s attention. Actually the event is no secret, we just don’t have a clue of what’s going on. They send nice little mysterious invitation and tell you to expect something big. One analyst went to say that this will be the biggest product launch in the history. The recipe has been so successful that other big companies like Microsoft have adopted the practice, like when they announced their new Surface tablet. Let’s see what will the next traffic jam at your local Apple Store.

Announcement time: 10 am Pacific time at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco Wednesday

Now the rumors. The #1 speculated piece of news is the new iPhone 5. The timing is right. The 4S wasn’t exactly a major release but more like an “update”. So the release makes it the 6th generation. It has been a while. Nokia, Motorola and other companies all released their latest smartphone weapon last week expecting a new major heavyweight entering the mall. They must know something because it is very strategic from their part. Also Apple always been very active with the beginning of the school year. They offer special discounts and apparently students have money to spend at the beginning of the year. Wait a couple more weeks they are heading home for turkey and to bring some back. On the war front, they also need to come up with a response to the release of the Samsung S3.

Possible features:
Wireless charging
Slimmer handset
Bigger Screen
New smaller dock connector
4G LTE connectivity
Better battery life
Light detecting moving sensor keyboard?
Price: $399
Rumored release date: Sept 21st.

Other popular rumors. Apple is known for their surprises. Another highly speculated piece of news is the release of the iPad mini. A smaller more portable iPad. According to the some analyst they already started production a while back….so they probably need to put them on shelves or more like selling them to people in line.

Other rumors. An actual Apple TV set. Tim Cook did say not to buy a TV back in June. Not much is known except it is one of the project they are working on and wants it the market for the Christmas season.

#Apple comments on Twitter
– iPhone 5 will have ‘WIRELESS CHARGING’ … WOOO!!!!! Didn’t see that coming!! Good work
– Over at, safe to say we’re ready for #Apple’s announcement tmrw
– Slimmer handset, bigger screen round out #Apple #iPhone 5 rumour mill
– Big day for #Apple tomorrow!? Show me my new toy the iPhone 5.
– #Apple’s #iPhone 5, which will be introduced tomorrow, is expected to sell 10 million within weeks

About AAPL
Closing: $660.59 *
Market cap: $619 billion*
P/E: 15.53
EPS: 42.55

*All-time High and biggest company by market cap in the world.

Photo Credit: CNET


6 thoughts on “Apple and Their Surprise Bag – “The Biggest Product Launch in the History”

  1. After all the hype, speculation, reliable sources and photos like the one you posted above purporting the be the real deal last year about the upcoming IPhone5 only to be given a 4S, I’ve kinda lost any interest. It will be, once again, pretty much the same thing in a shiny new box. I have a feeling the love affair with the IPhone might be turning into a boring marriage with a fat wife. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    I bet we’ll get an new ipod or 3, IPad Mini/nano/whatever won’t be announced until October. Suggest you check out how much an android tablet straight from China will cost you compared to an IPad and how open the system is. These guys are churning out some cool stuff in cool formats at a fraction of the cost of an Apple.

    Jailbreak or GTFO

    1. Regarding the pics: They are the ones that Apple’s “leaked”. It is to remain to be seen if that’s what coming out. The love affair with a fat wife…it is an American product..depends what you are into but the wife is getting skinnier. If you are not satisfied you can always go for a new wife. Koreans currently just came out with a new model. Or if you are old school RIM makes a good old wife.
      I got the iPad 2, the only Apple product that I have. It’s a great product and I don’t spend a day without using it. One of rare things I ever got brand new. But like you said the competition is catching up. My buddy has the ipad 2 and the new Samsung tablet and he says it’s was superior. It’s also less controlling than Apple. So if I was going to buy one today I would go for one with the Android O/S.

  2. I’ve seen that pic before, many of them, but like I said, last year was the same thing, a very very nice mock up made the rounds, they even had many cases for the new phone leaked and instead we got the 4S. It is not like Apple to leak anything, closest we have come to that was an Apple employee leaving his IPhone 4 prototype in a bar and the website that reported on it ended up being sued by Apple.

    In any case, I can’t wait for tomorrow, most (only) exciting thing about a new IPhone launch is what will it look like. Everything else just hyped up novelty additions none of us ever use, Facetime? Siri? I really want them to update the Nano because they really botched it the last time.

    I’m still an IPhone user for the moment, but like I told you the other night, I just bought an Android PC for 80$, 1/2 the size of an iphone, essentially a tablet without the screen, hook it up to your tv and turn it into a PC, it is pretty awesome and pretty much everything I can do on my PC short of high end games I can do on this without having Apple approve or disapprove everything and then making me pay them to do it their way.

    We will see in a few hours:)

  3. It would be really funny its nothing of the above coming out. I’m amazed at how they were able to create and keep so much attention to them and to use that attention to charge them $400+. They are followers waiting days in line like they will see the next messiah. They are the ”cool” one right now. I just don’t see it last. Others are catching up. Why is it always Apple creating the next technology frontier. It’s true it’s not Apple’s style to leak stuff out but again they might be playing the game. Like leaking them out on purpose. To keep the conversation going. Mystery make people glue to you. Apple use to hate bloggers and go to war against them. Now they have their own blogging team. I guess that gives them more control again on their image and outside conversation. Amazon and Facebook are now working on a smartphone….lets see what this is lead us.

  4. Seems your pic was pretty damn close to what Apple is showing off. Less than impressed, but it always how it feels and looks in person that wins you over.

    1. I’m not ready to switch yet. I’m still on the BB. yep. It’s still a phone first then a tool. My girlfriend has a Samsung Android, not a big fan so far. I don’t like pressing a lot of buttons if I want to call somebody.

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